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Energy Systems at Hartley Nature Center

Most of the energy used by the United States is generated by burning fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and natural gas. Fossil fuel combustion causes serious environmental harm and poses a substantial risk to future environmental quality. Issues like global warming, acid rain, urban smog and mercury pollution have all been linked to the burning of fossil fuels. Global warming in particular threatens not just individual species and ecosystems, but indeed the planet itself. Global warming and other energy-related consequences also pose risks to human health and recreation. Societal impacts of fossil fuel use are far reaching as well. A finite supply of fossil fuels and politcal instability in areas where it is extracted often create shortage situations that usually have a negative global effect.

We believe there are other options, and so we are modeling alternative energy systems at Hartley; harvesting electricity, heat and light from the sun and heat from beneath the earth's surface. We utilize energy saving lighting and plumbing fixtures, and practice energy conservation techniques (turning off lights in unused rooms) every day. Learn more about our systems by clicking on the links above.

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