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Pond and Stream Life

Aquatic life is certainly rich at Hartley, where we have an 11 acre, man-made pond (Hartley Pond), 4 wonderful vernal ponds, and innumerable other ephemeral pools for aquatic and amphibious life to thrive in.  Research is conducted by staff-members, trained volunteers, and classes visiting on field trips. It includes surveys and data collection on tadpole, crayfish, and other macroinvertebrate populations.  Our research has branched out , as promptings from the DNR and notes from our own aquatic ecologist, Dr. David Yount, that water turbidity, flow, dissolved oxygen, temperature and other factors in Hartley Pond and in Tischer Creek that runs from it, is important to our trout populations. 


Map of Wetland Types

Links to data gathered by students, staff and volunteers

Animal based data

Aquatic Invertebrates
Effect of vernal pond dry-ups on aquatic invertebrates
Number of sampling visits to ponds and Tischer Creek
Otter Sightings

Water based data

Dissolved Solids (Ions)
Acidity and Alkalinity (PH)
Hartley Pond Ice

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