Citizen Science Volunteers Needed

Thursday, April 27th or Sunday, April 30th Category:

Vernal pools are small seasonal wetlands that provide critical habitat for many amphibians, insects, migratory birds, and the endemic fairy shrimp. Because of their small and temporary nature, vernal pools are easily overlooked. It’s critical that these pools are protected, but that can be challenging to do if an inventory of pools does not exist. That’s where you can help. Hartley Nature Center is recruiting volunteer citizen scientists to help map vernal pools in Hartley Park. Volunteers are required to attend a classroom and in-field training session, where they will learn everything they need to accurately identify and map vernal pools in the park. Once trained, volunteers will be assigned to areas of the park that have been identified as having potential vernal pools, and will collect data at these locations that will help determine if and where a pool exists.


Training Sessions will be held on Thursday, April 27th from 6-8pm and again Sunday, April 30th from 2-4pm.