Earth Month

April 22-May 20 Category:

Earth Day, April 22, is an annual global event which celebrates our planet and highlights the importance of environmental protection and sustainability, two things that we value at Hartley Nature Center. While Earth Day is a great way to encourage people to protect the planet, we believe that we should be doing that more often than one day each year. As an effort to increase awareness on the importance of protecting our planet, Hartley Nature Center is hosting an Earth Month Event. During Earth Month, HNC will be hosting an environmental event once per week for an entire month, beginning on April 22nd. Read below for dates and descriptions of the events that we have planned so far, and we hope to see you here!


“Living the Change” Film Screening – April 22, 7 pm

Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future is a documentary film that looks into how we as individuals and communities can be a part of the solution to create a more sustainable future. Based in New Zealand, the film follows several individuals and communities as they talk about ways they have changed their own lives in an effort to live in a more sustainable way. Even though the people may be far away, many of the solutions could be applied locally. This film is rated PG, but does contain language that may be offensive to some. For more information and to RSVP, click here.


Citizen Science Training Workshop: Vernal Pools – April 27, 6-8 pm or April 30, 2-4 pm

Vernal pools are small seasonal wetlands that provide critical habitat for many amphibians, insects, migratory birds, and the endemic fairy shrimp. Because of their small and temporary nature, vernal pools are easily overlooked. It’s critical that these pools are protected, but that can be challenging to do if an inventory of pools does not exist. That’s where you can help. Hartley Nature Center is recruiting volunteer citizen scientists to help map vernal pools in Hartley Park. Volunteers are required to attend a classroom and in-field training session, where they will learn everything they need to accurately identify and map vernal pools in the park. Once trained, volunteers will be assigned to areas of the park that have been identified as having potential vernal pools, and will collect data at these locations that will help determine if and where a pool exists. For more information and to RSVP click here.

Minnesota Association for Environmental Education Bioblitz – May 6th, 10 am

The Minnesota Association for Environmental Educators is hosting a day of community conservation at Hartley Nature Center. The event, Great Lakes Bioblitz, is an event which pairs community members and naturalists to find and record as many plant and animal species as possible in a specific area, in a set amount of time. Join MAEE and HNC for coffee and cookies, visit learning stations about birds, vernal pools, and trees, and go outside to make observations of living wild things as part of the event.

The Great Lakes Bioblitz at HNC is part of a month-long Great Lakes Bioblitz project on iNaturalist. Participants can join the project on iNaturalist and make observations anywhere in the state of Minnesota from April 22nd to May 20th. More information at

“Hike the Divide – A Conversation About Climate Action on the Continental Divide Trail” Film Screening – May 19th, 7:00 pm

Come see the film about Connor DeVane’s backpacking trip on the Continental Divide Trail, and hear the stories from people Connor met along the way, who are working towards a more livable future. Free registration by clicking “going” in the event page. Light Refreshments provided.

Wildflower Hike – May 23, 6-7:30 pm

Join a Hartley naturalist for an evening stroll through the park to see what’s blooming this time of year, and learn how to identify the plants that live in Hartley Park. No registration required.