Fall 2018

HNP is full for fall 2018. Please use the waiting list application to get on the waiting list for fall 2018 or a future fall.

HNP Waiting List Application

Fall 2018 Updates

T/TH AM Class Offering 
This class is for three year olds and young four year olds who have just had a birthday in June, July, or August.

Full Day Offerings 
We offer M/W and T/TH full day classes. Please note that our program is not designed for a child to attend both the M/W and the T/TH full day classes. We are unable to offer a Monday-Thursday or Monday-Friday full day offering at this time. **Please note: We will fill fall 2018 full day spots from our waiting list and will not offer open enrollment for fall 2018 full day classes. Submit an application for fall 2018 if you are interested in applying for a half day preschool class. You do not need to submit an application for fall 2018 if you are only interested in full day preschool classes; we will contact you by early February if there is a full day opening for your child. We are not accepting applications for the full day classes at this time because the full day classes will be filled by returning children and children on the waiting list and we don’t want to accept applications or application fees for any additional children knowing that there will likely not be openings.

Friday Morning Care 8:30-1:00

Looking for more time at HNP? We have an extended Friday morning class from 8:30-1:00! The Friday morning class is open to both full and half day children (except those already here for our M/W/F AM class). All children will bring a morning snack and lunch and will be picked up by 1:00 pm (before rest time). Friday mornings will be a chance for a good dose of outdoor play as well as extended learning opportunities beyond what is covered in the child’s regular class. Sign up for the Friday care option is a school year commitment, just like our other classes, and enrollment is limited to 16 children.