Preschool Forms

Waiting List Fall 2020 and Beyond

We recommend getting on the list now for a future fall! Being on the list means that you receive early notification about upcoming registration for the year of your choice and priority registration above the general public. Submit the application below to get on the waiting list for fall 2020 or beyond.

Scholarship Forms

If you are struggling to pay for HNP and/or child care, there is assistance available for preschool and child care! We accept both the state Early Learning Scholarship (we are 3 star Parent Aware rated) and St. Louis County Funding. More information and applications:

Submit the following application for a limited Hartley Nature Center scholarship if your family doesn’t qualify for assistance from St. Louis County or the state or if you need additional financial assistance. Thank you to our generous donors who make the HNC scholarship fund possible.

Forms for 2018-19 Enrolled Families

Please return all of your enrollment forms to Hartley Nature Center by August 1, 2018.