Preschool Wish List & Resources

Wish List

  • Bags of fall leaves
  • Slack line x2
  • Tires x2 (full size car tires for rolling)
  • Hay/straw bales
  • Playdoh
  • Bubbles
  • Old muffin tins, cake pans, and other containers for sand and mud play and “cooking” in the sand box
  • Dress up clothes
  • Wooden toy food and toy cooking props
  • Paint
  • Crayola Markers and crayons
  • Art supplies
  • Bird feeders
  • Bird seed
  • Baby dolls and doll props
  • 4T-6T inside clothes (pants, shorts, undies, etc)
  • Gnome’s Climbing Forest structure for the Playscape

Volunteer Task Wish List

  • Make tree cookies of various sizes
  • Build a giant Jenga set
  • Turn our little shed into a playhouse
  • Build a pallet work bench/work shop area in playscape

Preschool O.W.L. Newsletter

Outdoor Gear

There is lots of great outdoor gear out there for children! Some of our favorite brands are:

Nature Play in Duluth

Here are some resources for ideas of what to do with your family outdoors in Duluth:

More About Nature Play

Nature Play Research

Nature-Based Care Options in Duluth

Hartley Nature Preschool is a part of the Duluth Nature Play Collaborative which is lead by a group of educators who incorporate nature play into every day.  If HNP doesn’t fit your family’s needs check out these other programs in the collaborative including: Wind Ridge Schoolhouse, Kinderfarm, Secret Forest Playschool, and Little Barnyard Preschool.

Get Involved

We love volunteers! Volunteers are welcome in our classroom and we occasionally need volunteers for special projects, such as sewing projects. Parents of currently enrolled preschoolers can contact their teachers for information on volunteering in the classroom. If you are a community member, college student, or other person interested in volunteering, please submit a Hartley Nature Center volunteer application and indicate your interest in working with our preschool program. Find a volunteer application here.


Is working with preschoolers outdoors in all seasons your dream job?! ​Hartley Nature Preschool is currently hiring substitute teachers. If you are interested in being on the sub list, please submit a cover letter and resume to Kaitlin, the preschool director, at

Hartley Nature Center is often hiring Environmental Education Interns. Learn more here.