Preschool Scholarships

Scholarship resources are available to families who may need assistance with tuition.

Hartley Nature Center is committed to providing access to programming for all participants through our Nature Access Fund. This fund aims to reduce barriers to Hartley programming by providing scholarship support and reduced fees for field trips, outreach, preschool, and camps. Hartley Nature Center scholarship awards are determined by family need, availability of funds, and total number of scholarship requests. Scholarship funding may be ongoing support or temporary help due to a change in circumstances for a family.

Families are welcome to apply for a scholarship at any point in the enrollment process or during the preschool year. 

  • Families that qualify for scholarships will be prioritized in each wave of the enrollment lottery.
  • Scholarship awards initially apply only to the deposit payment.
    • The deposit payment will be due May 1, 2023 instead of March 24, 2023 as it is for non-scholarship spots.
      • We are hopeful that the later due date will allow families time to apply for CCAP and ELS funds so that HNC charges an accurate deposit amount to the family. Having a CCAP or ELS decision (wait list, denied, ineligible) gives your families the most accurate idea of the total cost for child care for the 2023-24 preschool year at HNP in order to make decisions about enrollment.
      • This information also allows HNC to accurately allocate scholarship funds. 
    • Proof of applying for state and county assistance must be submitted by August 31, 2023 in order for the Hartley scholarship award to be finalized for the Sept-Apr tuition payments.
      • If proof of applying for state and county assistance is not received by August 31, 2023, then full tuition will be due until proof is submitted.
    • 2023-24 families starting mid-year: Proof of applying for state and county assistance must be submitted in order for the Hartley scholarship award to be finalized for tuition payments beyond the deposit payment.
  • Scholarships can be combined.
  • We are here to help you with every stage of the scholarship process; call 218-724-6735 for help!

Scholarship Options:

Minnesota Pathway 1 Early Learning Scholarship

  • Hartley Nature Preschool is a Parent Aware rated preschool.
  • Families who meet eligibility requirements could receive up to $5,000 per year for tuition from the Early Learning Scholarship.
  • Questions about eligibility and help with the application: Call the Northland Foundation 218-260-2736
  • Application and Directions

St. Louis County Child Care Assistance

Hartley Nature Center Nature Access Fund Scholarships

2023-24 Applicants

  • Complete the scholarship application in our online payment system (where you paid the $25 application fee and the deposit).
  • A new request for a scholarship must be made for each school year to be considered for a scholarship.
  • Funds are limited. Early application is recommended.

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarships are generally 25% of tuition.
  • Scholarships are initially applied to the deposit payment.
  • In order to receive the HNC scholarship rate for the September-April tuition payments, you must submit proof by August 31st that your family has applied for both the state Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) and St. Louis County Child Care Assistance (CCAP). 
    • If your family is ineligible, is denied, or is on a waiting list for ELS or CCAP, the Hartley scholarship will remain in effect. 
    • If you do receive an ELS or CCAP award, it will take the place of the Hartley scholarship. 
    • Please note that full tuition will be due starting September 1, 2023 and your HNC scholarship will no longer be in effect if you have not submitted proof of the status of your CCAP and ELS applications. 
  • We are here to help! Please contact preschool director, Kaitlin, if you need any assistance applying for scholarships. 


2022-23 Families

Current families should use the below scholarship application to apply for a scholarship for the 2022-23 preschool year.