Preschool Scholarships

Scholarship resources are available to families who may need assistance with tuition.

This may be ongoing support or temporary help due to a change in circumstances for a family. Please complete the scholarship application to apply for a scholarship at any point in the enrollment process or during the preschool year. All families applying for a Hartley Nature Center scholarship must also apply for a Pathway I Early Learning Scholarship AND for St. Louis County Child Care Assistance, if eligible. Scholarships can be combined. We are here to help you with every stage of the scholarship process; call 218-724-6735 for help!

Scholarship Options:

Minnesota Pathway 1 Early Learning Scholarship

  • Hartley Nature Preschool is a 4-Star Parent Aware rated preschool.
  • Families who meet eligibility requirements could receive a  of up to $7,500 per year for tuition.
  • Questions about eligibility and help with the application: Call the Northland Foundation 218-260-2736
  • Application and Directions

St. Louis County Child Care Assistance

Hartley Nature Center Scholarship

  • A new request for a scholarship will need to be made for each school year.
  • Scholarship awards are granted to families who qualify until scholarship funds are no longer available. Funds are limited. Early application is recommended.
  • 2022-23 Scholarship Application