Equipment Rental

Winter 2023-2024 rental season update…

4/3/24 – It was fun while it lasted! 

Unfortunately the snow we got last week is already starting to melt. The multi-use trails have been closed due to muddy conditions, and the ski trails are quickly deteriorating. Due to this we will not be renting any more winter gear for the season!

All Rentals

  • Are first come first served.
  • Must be used in Hartley Park.
  • Available 9am-4pm Monday-Saturday
  • Are subject to gear availability, snow conditions, and staff availability. 
  • Members receive a $5 discount on all rentals.

Cross country skis ($15/day for non-members, $10/day for HNC members)

  • During the winter, we have full packages of beginner friendly cross-country skis, boots, and poles that should fit almost anyone ages 4 and up.
  • We also have plastic skis that strap to the boots of our youngest participants (under 4).
  • All gear is for use in Hartley park only and must be returned by 3:30 pm on the day of rental.
  • Hartley Park has 5 km of groomed classic cross country ski trails for your enjoyment. Hartley Park is not groomed for skate skiing.
  • For current trail status and grooming updates please visit Duluth XC  or  Duluth Parks and Rec.
  • Great MN Ski Pass ($25 annual pass/$10 day pass) is needed for anyone 16 years old and older on the groomed ski trails and can only be purchased at a DNR license distributor (i.e. Holiday gas stations, bait shops). It is not available at Hartley Nature Center.

Snowshoes ($10/day for non-members, $5/day for HNC members)

  • We have aluminum adult and youth snowshoes for rent in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Snowshoes are for use in Hartley park only and must be returned by 3:30 pm on the day of rental.
  • Snowshoes can be used on nearly 10 miles of multi-use and hiker-only trails, including the Duluth Traverse and Superior Hiking Trail. Snowshoes are not allowed on the cross-country ski trails.

Kicksleds ($10/2 hours for non-member, $5/2 hours for members)

Wait. What is a kicksled?

Imagine a dog sled with long steel runners underneath the user. It’s pushed along (or kicked like a scooter) and glides over snow or ice. The seat can be used to push a friend along. They work best on long straight open trails (like Old Hartley Road) that are well packed or on Hartley Pond when there is enough ice (5+”).

  • Kicksleds can be rented for two hour sessions (must be returned by 3:30 pm on day of rental)
  • We have two sleds for adults and two sleds for youth.
  • Must be used in Hartley Park.
  • Anyone renting kicksleds will be given a free studded boot rental (must be used on the same day)

Studded (Icebug) Boots ($5/day for non-members, free for members)

  • Icebug boots have studs built into the sole of the shoe for added traction on icy trails. They are great for hiking in the shoulder (icy) season, or for use with kicksleds when traction isn’t great and you can’t get that “kick”.
  • Can be added to any kicksled rental for free.
  • Must be used in Hartley Park.
  • Currently, we only have a limited number of sizes (W 6.5 – 10.5, M 9 – 12)