Social Pedal – Weekly Beginner Bike Ride

June-August Category:
Join HNC every Thursday, June 6th through August 29th at 6pm for our free Social Pedal mountain bike ride. Social Pedal is not just beginner friendly, it is a ride that is designed specifically for beginners. What does that mean exactly? Most no-drop group rides say all ability levels are welcome, but too often beginners leave feeling like they were just holding everybody else up. Social Pedal fosters an environment where beginner riders are encouraged and supported, not left behind the rest of the group. It’s a place where beginners can ask questions about gear or trail ettiquette without feeling embarased that they don’t know the answer to the questions they ask.
Experienced ride leaders will choose a pace, route, and length of ride that is suitable for beginners, while also being there to help with mechanical issues or other problems that might occur. Our Social Pedal rides will generally be slow paced and short mileage. We will mostly be riding a combination of Old Hartley Road Trail, which is a relatively wide gravel trail, and the beginner level multi-use (Mountain Bike) trails of Hartley Park. Experienced riders are welcome, but must be willing to help foster an environment of support. Youth, accompanied by an adult, are welcome, but the rides will be geared more towards adults than kids. No experience is necessary, though a moderate level of fitness can be helpful. Mountain biking may require maneuvering around or over small rocks, roots, and other obstacles, and even beginner trails can be more challenging than riding on a sidewalk or road.
A limited number of bikes (fat tire) and helmets are available for rent for those who do not have a bike. While heavier, slower, and less maneuverable than mountain bikes, fat tire bikes can be good for beginners due to their increased traction and stability. Meet outside HNC just before 6pm. More info at