Becca Bell

Hartley Preschool
Co-lead Teacher, M/W Full Day, T/TH AM, and Forest Fridays

Curiosity, wonderment, and authentic selves – seeing each day through the lens of a Hartley preschooler is always an adventure! The forest and play-spaces these children explore every day are so reminiscent of my own childhood which fostered my love for our natural world. Growing up in west-central Minnesota, I enjoyed anything on water liquid/frozen. From sailing, to skiing, to simply hiking the trails, the natural environment of Minnesota has always felt like home. After earning a degree in Biology from St. Olaf College, I explored a variety of environmental education jobs before eventually earning my Master’s in Environmental Education from UMD. Currently, getting outside with my beloved dog, Juni, spending time with my two nephews, and anything on/around water is how I most enjoy my time outdoors. I earnestly look forward to getting to know your children’s unique selves as we embark on yet another memorable year!