Frank Fairchild

Hartley Preschool
Assistant Teacher, M/W PM and T/Th PM

I studied environmental outdoor education at UMD for the past 4 years and am excited to be putting my collegiate knowledge to practical use! It is very important that people follow their own excitement and initiative. The preschoolers do this wonderfully through play! Other introductory things about me… I like the color of a crisp sunrise, described as a subtle pink orange. I stretch to stay nimble for games that I play: frisbee, paddling, freerunning or acting on a make believe stage(D&D). These aspects were with me since I was a wee lad: love to make friends, love to be glad, eager to explore, want all the time I can have. The landscapes of Duluth are fun and engaging. I love to watch water after rain when it’s raging. Often times my excitement for life pulls every which way. Now, preschool pulls me every day. I’m glad to meet you all! Happy to be here in the place that I am.